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Courtesy of the City Auditor and Clerk

Establishment: Resolution No. 02R-1480, Amended by Resolution 05R-1816 and 05R-1858

Board Membership - Qualifications and Other Requirements:

a) The members shall consist of the following:

  • One citizen who is a resident of the Redevelopment area
  • An owner of land used for commercial purposes in the Redevelopment area
  • An individual involved in planning or design
  • An individual involved in construction or development in the Redevelopment area
  • An individual who is a representative of the Transportation Management Organization
  • A representative of the Economic Development Council
  • A citizen-at-large
  • An individual who is a retailer or merchant in the Redevelopment area
  • An individual involved in finance or banking

b) Each member of the Board shall be a resident of the City; or engaged in a business or profession in the City.

c) The purpose and duties of the Board shall be to review proposed public-private redevelopment projects and recommend to the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) whether financial or other assistance should be provided; to review the proposed annual work program and make recommendation to the CRA concerning such program, recommend project priorities to the CRA, and recommend incentives to further the redevelopment efforts and carry out and effectuate the purposes and provisions of the Redevelopment Act; to develop, review and recommend request for proposals for redevelopment projects in the Community Redevelopment Area; to consider any matters referred to the Advisory Board by the CRA; and to receive comments from members of the public interested in redevelopment of the Redevelopment Area and to report such information to the CRA.

d) The Community Redevelopment Agency makes appointments from submitted applications to the City Auditor and Clerk.

e) An individual serving as a member of the Board cannot serve on any other City advisory board or committee at the same time.

f) Board members shall be appointed for a three year term. Terms of service shall be staggered. No person shall serve more than two full consecutive terms on any one Board. Members shall continue to serve until a replacement has been appointed. After a one year period of non-membership, a person shall become eligible for reappointment to a Board on which that person previously served. The term of a Board member appointed to fill a vacancy expires at the time the term of the original member would have expired.

g) A board member shall be automatically removed from board membership at such time as the member's absences exceed twenty-five (25) percent of all scheduled board meetings, including workshop meetings, in a given calendar year unless the board, by majority vote, plus one (1), waives an absence by finding that unusual circumstances exist which warrant a waiver. A board member shall be considered not to have attended any meeting for which the member was not present for at least seventy-five (75) percent of the time the meeting was in session. Departments responsible for boards shall monitor attendance of board members and shall notify the subject board member when that member's absences, less those waived, exceed fifteen (15) percent of the scheduled meetings held. At that time, the department director or designee shall give notice in writing to the subject board member that automatic removal will occur if absences exceed twenty-five (25) percent of all scheduled meetings in a given calendar year. At such time as a member's absences exceed twenty-five (25) percent of all scheduled meetings, the department director or designee shall notify the city auditor and clerk who shall advise the subject member in writing that the member has automatically been removed from board membership.

h) This board consists of nine members.

i) The Board meets quarterly on the fourth Thursday of the month in the City Commission Chambers. Special meetings are called as necessary.

Contact Person: Steve Stancel, Chief Planner, phone number 365-2200, Ext. 4229.

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