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Courtesy of the City Auditor and Clerk

Establishment: Ordinance No. 98-4037, established the Committee

Amended by Ordinance No. 04-4564, to change the term of office from September 1 to the period January 1 to December 31, and appoint members annually in September

Board Membership – Qualifications and Other Requirements:

a) The membership of the Board shall consist of persons who possess the technical, professional, financial, business or administrative skills necessary to accomplish the work of the board. Board membership shall include some persons who represent the community-at-large when appropriate.

b) Unless provided otherwise, the Board shall include persons who reside within the City, unless business qualifications or a special expertise warrants an exception to the residency/property ownership criteria.

c) Members should have reputations for integrity and community service, as well as have demonstrated an interest in the type of activity pertaining to the purpose of the Board. Members should also be representative of the community-at-large and reflect the racial, ethnic and cultural makeup of the community.

d) The Committee shall consist of ten members who shall be appointed by the City Commission.

e) Two (2) Committee members shall be appointed by each single-member District Commissioner.

f) Two (2) Committee members shall be appointed by each At-Large Commissioner.

g) Board members shall be appointed for a three year term. Terms of service shall be staggered.

h) Vacancies shall be filled for the remainder of the term in the same manner as the vacating member was appointed.

Number of Members: Ten

Meetings: Meetings occur annually on the 1st Thursday of December at 2:00 pm, in the City Commission Chambers.

Contact Person: Kelly Strickland Finance Department Phone number: 954-4124

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