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Establishment: The powers and duties of the EZDA are as prescribed by Section 290.0056(8), Florida Statutes. The EZDA shall not have the powers of a governing body pursuant to Section 290.0056(9) and (10), Florida Statutes, and all such powers are hereby specifically reserved to COUNTY, as the governing body, and to the CITY as may be established by interlocal agreement between the CITY and the COUNTY.

Board Membership – Qualifications and Other Requirements:

a) The governing body shall appoint a board of commissioners consisting of not fewer than 8 or more than 13 commissioners. At least one representative may be appointed from each of the following:

· Local Chamber of Commerce

· Local financial or insurance entities

· Local businesses, and where possible, businesses operating within the zone

· Residents residing within the zone

· Nonprofit community-based organizations operating within the zone

· Regional workforce board

· Local code Enforcement agency

· Local law enforcement agency

b) The importance of including individuals from the nominated area shall be considered in making appointments. The importance of minority representation shall be considered in making appointments so that the agency generally reflects the gender and ethnic composition of the community as a whole.

c) The CITY has recommended to the County Commission individuals for initial appointment to the EZDA and shall recommend individuals as needed in the future for appointment to the EZDA. The County Commission shall appoint the thirteen (13) commissioners serving as the EZDA Board in accordance with COUNTY Ordinance No. 2007-010 and the requirements of Section 290.0056 (2), Florida Statutes (2005).

d) Board members shall be appointed for a four year term. Terms of service shall be staggered.

e) The Board consists of thirteen members.

f) The Board meets quarterly on the third Wednesday beginning in January at 8:00 am at Robert L. Taylor.

g) CITY shall be responsible to provide staff to the EZDA. CITY shall be solely responsible for providing funding for the EZDA. COUNTY may, in its sole discretion, also provide staff and/or funding for the EZDA.

Number of Members:



Meetings shall occur quarterly on the third Wednesday beginning in January at 8:00 am.

Contact Person:

Dru Jones

Economic Development Coord., Newtown Redevelopment Office

Phone Number: 365-2200 ext. 3222

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