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Courtesy of the City Auditor and Clerk

Establishment: Chapter 2, Article V, Division 7, City Code
amended by Ordinance Nos. 92-3553, 02-4353, 11-4990 and 14-5099

Board Membership - Qualifications and Other Requirements:

a) The membership of the Board shall consist of persons who possess the technical, professional, financial, business or administrative skills necessary to accomplish the work of the board. Board membership shall include some persons who represent the community-at-large when appropriate.  One member shall be a citizen with a particular interest in or association with the Bobby Jones Golf Course.  One member shall be a citizen with a particular interest in or association with the Robert L. Taylor Community Complex.  One member shall be a citizen with a particular interest in or association with the Lido Pool.  Plus one member shall be a student youth representative from the Students Taking Active Roles (STAR) in Sarasota County program. 

b) Unless provided otherwise, the Board shall include persons who reside within the City, unless business qualifications or a special expertise warrants an exception to the residency/property ownership criteria.

c) Members should have reputations for integrity and community service, as well as have demonstrated an interest in the type of activity pertaining to the purpose of the Board. Members should also be representative of the community-at-large and reflect the racial, ethnic and cultural makeup of the community.

d) The City Commission makes appointments from submitted applications.

e) No person shall serve on more than one Board simultaneously unless special board membership requirements, pertaining to special qualifications of members, warrant an exception.

f) Board members shall be appointed for a three year term. Terms of service shall be staggered. No person shall serve more than two full consecutive terms on any one Board. Members shall continue to serve until a replacement has been appointed. After a one year period of non-membership, a person shall become eligible for reappointment to a Board on which that person previously served.  The STAR member term shall be one year.

g) A board member shall be automatically removed from board membership at such time as the member's absences exceed twenty-five (25) percent of all scheduled board meetings, including workshop meetings, in a given calendar year unless the board, by majority vote, plus one (1), waives an absence by finding that unusual circumstances exist which warrant a waiver. A board member shall be considered not to have attended any meeting for which the member was not present for at least seventy-five (75) percent of the time the meeting was in session. Departments responsible for boards shall monitor attendance of board members and shall notify the subject board member when that member's absences, less those waived, exceed fifteen (15) percent of the scheduled meetings held. At that time, the department director or designee shall give notice in writing to the subject board member that automatic removal will occur if absences exceed twenty-five (25) percent of all scheduled meetings in a given calendar year. At such time as a member's absences exceed twenty-five (25) percent of all scheduled meetings, the department director or designee shall notify the city auditor and clerk who shall advise the subject member in writing that the member has automatically been removed from board membership.

h) This board consists of eight members.

i) The Board meets on the third Thursday of the month at 5:00 p.m.. Meeting locations are subject to change.

Contact Person: Mark Hamilton, MA, CPRP, CYSA, Parks & Recreation, (941) 954-2694

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