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Courtesy of the City Auditor and Clerk

Establishment: Resolution No. 17R-2649 created an ad hoc special purpose advisory committee to be known and referred to as the Tree Advisory Committee.

Board Membership - Qualifications and Other Requirements:

a) The Committee shall consist of seven (7) members who shall be appointed by the City Commission.  The members shall be appointed by majority vote of the City Commission from the below listed "communities of interest" or categories as follows:
- Two (2) neighborhood representatives
- Two (2) development interest representatives
- One (1) downtown core resident
- One (1) Chamber of Commerce representative or downtown core merchant
- One (1) landscape architect or arborist

b) At the first meeting the Committee shall select a Chairperson and Vice Chairperson from among its members.

c) All meetings of the Committee shall be noticed to the public and advertised in advance and shall be open to attendance by the public.  All meetings shall be held at City Hall.   Written minutes shall be kept of all meetings of the Committee.  The Committee shall meet no more than twice each calendar month at such dates and times as determined by a majority of its members.  The duration of each meeting shall not exceed two (2) hours.  The Committee shall be authorized to receive public input at its meetings and a quorum of four (4) members shall be required for the Committee to conduct its business. 

d) The Tree Advisory Committee shall focus on making recommendations to the City Commission regarding each of the below issues and shall provide recommendations to the City Commission with regard to each of the following specific issues below: 
1. How to best address the issue of City residents who would like to remove a healthy tree in order to re-landscape their privately-owned properties.
2. How to best address the issue of unsafe conditions caused by healthy trees on public property (e.g. roots lifting sidewalks).  The enumeration of this task among the Committee's duties shall not be construed to restrict or limit the authority of the City administration to remove trees on public property that are the cause of hazardous or dangerous conditions
3. How to best address the issue of healthy trees on public property that cause damage to public infrastructure (e.g utilities) or that impair or reduce the rights of private property owners the use and enjoyment of their properties (e.g. views).
4. Should the same criteria be applied to determine whether to issue a permit to remove a tree classified as a Class II invasive species as is applied to determine whether to issue a permit to remove a native tree?
5. Should the current "sliding scale" mitigation standards for tree removal be revised, and if so, how?
6. Are the current fees charged for tree removal and for mitigation of removed trees fair and reasonable? Should there be a differentiation between such charges that are imposed on homeowners of residential properties and on owner/developers of commercial projects?
7. Review proposed canopy tree ordinance and provide comments or recommendations regarding the proposed ordinance.
8. In addition to items 1 through 7, the Committee shall be further authorized to make other recommendations regarding potential amendments to the City's Tree Protection Ordinance (Article VII, Division 3.1 of the Zoning Code) as the majority of its members deem appropriate.

e) The Committee shall make its recommendations to the City Commission no later than one (1) year from the date of its first meeting.  

f) The Committee shall consist of seven members.

g) The Committee shall meet as determined by a majority of its members.

Contact: City Manager's Office, (941) 365-2200 ext. 4102

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