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Citywide Strategic Parking Plan - The City of Sarasota, Parking Division, is developing a citywide strategic plan that would be utilized in the on-going development of parking policies, expansion, operational guidelines, and laying a foundation of expectations that would integrate with the City's Master Plan and Parking Master Plan.  We solicit your substantive feedback in this process by using the "Questions or Comments" link on the right side of this page, or emailing us at 

Why is parking important to the community and to its users?

Parking plays an integral role in many ways that are not considered.  Parking becomes a part of every community.  How we employ parking and its methodologies, affects the basic citizenry experience and satisfaction level within a community or downtown.  It is because of this we ask questions and seek answers to understand the needs of each parking district.  Parking addresses a broad range of parking elements that can impact a community in a positive manner.  Using proven strategies and valued management methodologies, strong organization interface, effective communications, technology, skilled operations, and planning, the potential negative perceptions that surround the parking environment can be minimized. 

Parking matters to the community because good parking management mitigates congestion, frustration, sprawl and pollution from vehicles.  These real quality of life issues affect everyone.  Resources are in high demand and quality-parking management helps the community build, grow and thrive.  Parking helps to build more sustainable systems for motorists.  Building smart transportation solutions simply make life easier for motorists, cycling, commuters, and environmentalist alike.

In keeping with this ideology, the Parking Division and the Parking Advisory Committee, developed a Vision and Mission statement, along with a set of Guiding Principles (outlined below).

The Vision of the Parking Division is..

 Smart, Safe, and Sustainable.

Parking Mission Statement – the purpose of existence

The Mission statement was developed in a manner to support the Vision of Smart, Safe, and Sustainability.  The Vision statement reflects the notion and interest of the program to work for the benefit of customers and not just the city organization.  Without parking customers, there is no program.  To constantly support the concept of the Vision, the PAC believed that customer service is a foundation of support.  To that end, the Parking Mission is three-fold:

  1. To satisfy customers by making the system easy to use, and trouble free.
  2. To create safe parking environments for users through well lighted, clean, and reliable operations.
  3. To promote citywide economic growth within the parking districts.


5 Five Guiding Principles – a credo and foundation for planning and decision-making

Guiding Principle 1 – Supports the development of economic vitality and vibrant street life in our commercial and mixed-use neighborhoods by addressing each category of parking customer.

  • Respects the need for premium-high demand parking, and low turnover parking spaces
  • A portion of revenue is returned to the district for improvements
  • Convenient parking, easily accessible
  • Simple, clear information is conveyed about parking
  • Good customer service if provided
  • Incentive appropriate parking behaviors rather than punish unfavorable actions


Guiding Principle 2 – Supports the maintenance of public safety

  • Well-lit and clean operations
  • Rules that make sense and encourage safety
  • Good signage and pavement markings
  • Reduces congestion, frustration, hazards for users


Guiding Principle 3 – Benefits the residential neighborhoods by preventing spillover

  • Sanctions proper planning to create sufficient capacity for parking
  • Encourages proper wayfinding to use all available parking
  • Encourages full use of available parking before expanding parking facilities
  • Allows for residential guest and entertain
  • Service community with permitting where applicable


Guiding Principle 4 – Supports the sustainable use of public resources and sustainable development of the City. 

  • Makes efficient use of existing parking spaces
  • Works in alignment with overall objectives of the City
  • Economically sustainable – pays for itself
  • Promotes development of improved efficiencies through new technology and operations
  • Environmentally sustainable; Reduces congestion and carbon footprint
  • Balances transit/mobility options


Guiding Principle 5 – Applies smart decision making.

  • Fact based – quantifiable metrics
  • Appropriate use of technologies
  • Programs creates turnover where high demand requires
  • Acknowledges unique needs of each district.



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