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Calculate your FY 2014-2015 rates with our Residential Water Rate Calculator
Public Utilities Department Utility Rates/Fees
(Effective as of September 1, 2015)
Service Deposit Meter Size Deposit Amount*
Single Family Residence $150.00
Multi-Family per Unit $150.00
Account Activation $25.00
Solid Waste 1st month
(due at activation)
Commercial/Other Deposit based on meter size
*The deposit is held without interest and refunded to the customer as a credit against service; once a 12-month service period has been completed and the account has not been past due more than one time during the 12-month period.
Water Service
Residential (5/8 inch meter):
Single family residences, duplexes, multi-unit apartments, condominiums, trailer parks, motels and hotels: monthly service charge $16.72 a month per unit. Usage charge for 1,000 gallons potable plus irrigation through the same meter.
1,000 gallons 4,000 gallons $3.38
4,001 gallons 8,000 gallons $3.98
8,001 gallons 12,000 gallons $5.57
12,001 gallons 24,000 gallons $8.34
more than 24,000 gallons $12.94
Commercial/ Industrial:
Monthly unit service charge $16.72 a month per each 6,000 gallons in usage. Minimum monthly gallonage charge is $3.98 per 1,000 gallons with rate increase up to $10.65 per 1,000 gallons depending on meter size and volume of water used.
Rates per Month per 1,000 Gallons
1,000 gallons 12,000 gallons $5.57
12,001 gallons 24,000 gallons $8.34
more than 24,000 gallons $12.94
Wastewater Service
(5/8 inch meter):
  Monthly unit service charge $23.01
  Residential, Single Family, Duplex, Multi Units, Condominiums, Trailer Parks
  1,000 gallons 4,000 gallons $6.70
  more than 4,000 gallons $7.89
Commercial, Industrial and Other
1,000 gallons and above
Reclaimed Water Service Connection Charge
    <2" meter $325.00
  >2" meter Actual Cost
Monthly Service Charge           
Rates per Month per 1,000 Gallons
1,000 15,000 $1.19
15,001 100,000 $0.76
more than 100,000 $0.46
Solid Waste and Recycling Collection
  Each Single family dwelling shall be supplied one (1) container by the City for the solid waste collection and two (2) containers for recycling. Charges per month are for one (1) collection per week for solid waste and one (1) collection per week for recyclables.
Curbside   Back Door
$21.66   $83.15
For rates on additional carts and commercial accounts call Customer Service at (941) 954-4196 or Solid Waste Management at (941) 365-7651.


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