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Reclaimed Water

What Is Reclaimed Water?
Reclaimed water is wastewater that has been highly treated to make it suitable for a variety of beneficial uses, including irrigation. The water has been disinfected. It appears clear, is not odorous, and may be of higher quality than water currently obtained for irrigation from ponds, impoundments or wells. It has been successfully used to irrigate golf courses for many years.

Advantages of Reclaimed Water

  • Reclaimed water is not subject to water use restrictions imposed by the Southwest Florida Water Management District, allowing irrigation at any time.
  • Reclaimed water provides irrigation water at a lower cost to the consumer than drinking water.
  • Reclaimed water is clear and visibly free of suspended materials. Lakes and ponds used for irrigation often become choked with algae and weeds that can clog irrigation systems.
  • Using reclaimed water reduces the burden on our water supplies and groundwater resources.


Reclaimed Water Service
Reclaimed water service is provided either with direct service from a transmission main or with construction of a distribution system within a neighborhood. For more information about the availability of reclaimed water in your area and how to apply for service, please call the Utilities Department at 941-955-2325.

Do I have to install an in-ground irrigation system to use reclaimed water for irrigation?

No. Reclaimed water service will also be made available to homeowners who wish to install a hose bib in an in-ground box. All commercial irrigation will require an in-ground system.

Protecting the potable water supply.

Because customers will be provided with both potable and reclaimed water to their properties, there is a possibility that the two systems could be inadvertently cross-connected. Before reclaimed water service is provided, the City will inspect the property for cross-connections. If any are found they must be corrected by the owner before the service connection will be made.

All customers must have a backflow prevention device installed on the property side of the potable water meter to protect the City's water supply from the possibility of cross-connection. The type of backflow preventer required depends upon the level of hazard present. The City's Cross Connection Control Manual for Reclaimed Water Sites provides guidance in this area.

Advisory Signs

Premises where the public has access to the area irrigated with reclaimed water will be required to post signs notifying that reclaimed water is being used. The need for advisory signs will
be assessed by the Department on a case by case basis.

Restrictions on Use

  • NO Consumption of reclaimed water. (Human or Animal)
  • NO Connection to a dwelling for toilet or other household use.
  • NO Unauthorized inter-connection with another water source.
  • NO Use for body contact recreation.
  • NO Filling of swimming pools or hot tubs.
  • NO Sharing a common reclaimed service or connection between properties.
  • NO Washing of equipment such as cars, boats, driveways, structures, etc


Click Here to access the City's Cross Connection Manual.
Click Here to access the City's Ordinance on Cross Connection.

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